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Legends of Wrestlemania - PS 3

While many wrestling games are proud to up-to-date schedules and you are not any step you want during a match, Legends of Wrestlemania is a different approach. He calls nostalgic wrestling fans, allowing them the opportunity to play as the classic wrestlers in historic Wrestlemania matches from the jaren'80 en'90. Also favors accessibility rather than complexity, and simplified controls and limited moveset make it easy for everyone to meet and play. However, this simplicity comes at a price, and the action quickly repetitive. Contests feel the same regardless of how many shiny, you overmuscled legends in the ring. It is good for a quick fix of nostalgia, but Legends of Wrestlemania emotions run faster than a Pay-Per-View event.In the heart of the Legends of Wrestlemania action is the robust roster of wrestlers that a few decades to create such legends as Sgt. Slaughter, Ultimate Warrior and Jake "The Snake" Roberts. It contains the main events, ranging from the first Wrestlemania (Junk Yard Dog vs Greg Valentine) via Wrestlemania XV (The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin). There are more than 40 superstars and managers, and even if you've never heard of such wrestlers as King Kong Bundy, you can still psyched again his match against Hulk Hogan in Wrestlemania 2 thanks to the excellent video montages that play for each event . These videos show excerpts from the meetings before the event as well as highlights of the matches themselves. They capture the main drama of professional wrestling and a fascinating introduction to the action. 

Once the actual match starts, you can experience the beautiful character models, which appear to smuggle large pieces of meat under their skin. The Star Hulk was always a muscular man, but in Legends of Wrestlemania he looks ballooned-up action figure. These characters have done very jarring when you've just viewed a video of the real wrestlers and have seen how they looked. This dims the nostalgic glow, but it is less pronounced with wrestlers in the mid-to-end jaren'90, often much more physically carved. Under their armored carapaces, the character models are well animated and convincing capture individual mannerisms such as Stone Cold and Undertaker's swagger's lanky rigidity.
The gameplay itself is very simple. Most of the time using the buttons for the strike, grapple and block damage to your opponent and his blows. You can also climb to the turn buckle, carries an Irish whip, take the action outside the ring, and, of course, pin your opponent. It is easy to master the basic you need to win competitions, and there is not much beyond the basics. Scripted intro, finishers and some grapples will quick-time events that challenge you press the button before your opponent does ask. This possibility Legends of Wrestlemania to see your wrestler do more advanced moves, but you will not really look at him because you're so focused on the button prompt. There are some painful rapid tapping sequences and a momentum meter that lets you do more powerful grapples, but these do not add much complexity to the gameplay. The action is ultimately shallow, and it's not long before all your games start to follow the same repetitive pattern. 

An interesting attempt to spice things plants can be found in the Wrestlemania Tour mode. Whether you relive an event in the past, rewriting the history of the competition as the loser, or redefining the event by changing the match conditions, each event has a number of objectives that you can earn a gold medal and unlock small bonuses. These range from simple (taunt your opponents) to complex (attack your opponent from the top of each turn buckle), and they can add much needed variety to the proceedings. More recent events, the more detailed objectives, but with one more to-do list does not mean that the match better, just longer.
There is also a Legend Killer mode that lets you pit your created character (or an imported character from Smackdown vs. RAW 2009) against grueling tiers of legendary wrestlers. You have to fight 10 consecutive matches to beat one of the six tiers, three of which are unlocked only with a Smackdown vs. RAW import. Each tier is long and painful. You carry the same health bar throughout the 10 matches, so you will become very familiar with the one taunt that regenerates a fraction of your health. Worse, you can't save your progress, so you have to do it all in one sitting. The action simply can't hold up during such a long session, which makes Legend Killer mode little more than a test of your tolerance for boredom. 

Legends of Wrestlemania also sports a full array of exhibition match types and support for online matches. The robust creation toolset from Smackdown vs. RAW 2009 is included, with the notable omission of the fun Create a Finisher tool. Although it's great see so many legendary stars gathered in one game, Legends of Wrestlemania just can't live up to the hype. The gameplay can be fun for a little while, but it soon becomes an exercise in repetition and boredom. The highlight reels are really fun to watch, but when the most entertaining aspect of a game is a 10-year-old video montage, you're dealing with some serious mediocrity. 


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