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Shipwrecked PC Game
Go to the island (not the first!). Click on the right and fwd cave.
Note circles (large and small) and the map. Exit the cave and faces the right
Sailing is a bit strange, but let's draw a 3x3 grid. Number
Fwd in the forest (north) take note of the parrots and berries to help you navigate.
Clicking the left / right / left turn to face west, south, east
and north. This square is 2.
Square 1 in front of the snake (west) fwd to see a totem. Note eye and symbol.
Click the left (south) serpent box with bottles. Note colors. Click twice to cope with
North and zoom into the skull. Book and read the note on the history of the ceremony (which
We need the order of the latter). Click the back seat and then fwd 4. North
compared to the forest, left the west great totem .. see what is to be found!
Click right twice to face fwd this to 5 million square box.
Click the left (north).
Fwd 8 square plane and zoom. Click on the back and the left and click on the totem west
twice to deal with this other totem. Right click on the face (bananas) fwd
Southern spider (5), just west fwd (4) large totem. Right fwd squares Volcano
7 volcano right box. Right click on the south face twice serpent box (1).
Click the left facing east, two times over 2 square fwd to the new totem. Plaza 3.
Click on the left is the village to the north. click the left towards the west is mono box. Fwd
west twice totem (1) and the left facing north fwd (4) west left large totem.
Click on the symbols refer to the eyes. Enter the cave.
Click to play in round circles and largest to smallest. A light appears.
Right into the camera. Fwd to places. Press to get three skulls.
New camera gods, monkeys, chameleon-like snake. Enter the monkey, and then click on
until you get a square of orange, now journey to continue receiving money orange s
quar. Note symbol. Leave.
Snake Enter, and click on the symbol, pull the lever. Leave.
Enter the gods. Remember thousand ceremony in the book. Tap the tiles in order.
Gods / no rain and no fish / sacrifice / cloud / rain / sea fish / fish pot.
Change all the chips.
Go right and pot puzzle. Click the monkey tile and a box of lights.
Tap into the correct containers of its notes and the box is red. Go to Leon,
the snake and then, finally volcano. Departure and lights!
Right click and fwd through the chambers to the exit.
Whoops cannibals!
Click on the right and enter the sewer. Look at the map. Need to get to the skull.
(Fwd, fwd, right, fwd, fwd (gods), left, fwd, fwd, skull.)
Right, fwd, and click the upper right cave vid. Need to achieve
bottom left. Click to turn around a brick to reach the vine.
And out of planes.
Click on the left and right levers. Now to get the working languages.
Click on the colored buttons to find the correct order.
Right click wheel and the lever to take off.


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